Bangchak Petroleum Project

  • 2012
  • Bangkok
  • 44mWkW

The largest solar plant in South East Asia, providing clean energy for thousands of homes in Bangkok.

Bangchak Petroleum project at completion, was the largest photovoltaic power station with system size of 44MW. The power station belongs to Bangchak Public Petroleum Co. Ltd which locates in Bang Pa-In, 40km away from the capital Bangkok. The project chose high-performance solar modules of Suntech and built by EPC partner Solartron Public Co., Ltd. The plant provides enough green electricity to power thousands of homes near Bangkok.

The field consist of 150,000 Suntech photovoltaic panels, that produce about totally 65 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. When in full
operation, the plant offset 30,000 tons of coal equivalent and mitigate nearly 75,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s the equivalent of planting 3,000,000 trees.