The Finow Tower Project in Germany - Over 10Years

  • 2010
  • Eberswalde, Brandenburg, Germany
  • 84,000kW

Finow Tower, located in Eberswalde, Brandenburg, Germany, and sitting northeast about 60 km away from Berlin, which was home to one of the largest solar power stations in Europe in those years, has been constantly providing thousands of households with clean energy over a flash of ten years.

Finow Tower I is a milestone, into which a total of 89,790 pieces of Suntech's polycrystalline modules were put in 2010. It took mere three months to complete the project with an annual electricity yield of 224,000 kWh, which is sufficient to satisfy the daily electricity demand of 6,400 households. It is expected that carbon dioxide emissions will drop by 450,000 tons over its 20-year operating life, making a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is also worth mentioning that the Finow Tower I solar power station has generated electricity of 26.55 million kWh within the one year since it was put into operation, a figure that is 14.7% higher than the initial forecast, according to an inspection done by its holder (CH2 Treuhand GmbH). The CH2 spokesman expressed that we had always believed that the Finow Tower project would output as much electricity as we anticipated, but to our surprise, the annual electricity yield was way better than expected, which undoubtedly reflected that Suntech, as a partner, was firmly committed to product quality and technological R&D. In addition, we would regard Suntech as our first choice of suppliers in our future investments in projects and constructions.

In light of the excellent performance in power generation of the Finow Tower I project, Suntech continued to supply modules in the coming two years until the Finow Tower II project completed with an overall capacity up to 60MW and connected to the grid in succession. Back then, the total capacity of 84MW made the Finow Tower project one of the largest above-ground power stations in Germany and even Europe.

Thilo Kinkel, Sales Director of Suntech in central Europe, said that we were very pleased to see these findings concerning Finow Tower. Statistics and results from similar major projects showed that selecting Suntech's solar modules was of superiority due to their reliable quality and outstanding low-light performance.