Mackie Electric & Refrigeration

Mackie Electric  & Refrigeration was established in 1953 by Ray and Joan Mackie.

Today Mackie Electric and Refrigeration Pty Ltd  has evolved with up to 43 staff in two separate locations, offering specialist trade, sales and installation of a variety of products and services for both domestic and commercial applications to the Mid North Coast.  The team at Mackies are committed to the provision of quality electrical, air conditioning, alternative energy and refrigeration with specialist services for commercial and industrial projects in a professional and timely manner. To achieve this, trade and sales specialists are supported by a dedicated group of administration and coordination personnel.

Mackies can provide you with all your Solar requirements: Grid Connect, Hybrid & Stand Alone.

, Mackie Electric & Refrigeration

Scientifically engineered & precision made


Powerful warranties for powerful products

We are proud to offer our customers an industry-leading linear warranty. We guarantee a 97% power output in the first year, with nominal output decreases of no more than 0.7% through the module’s 25th year. Thereby one ends with 80.2% nominal power guaranteed in the 25th year after the defined warranty starting date.


We are proud to be one of only a few solar module manufacturers in Australia whose products are backed by a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our repair, replacement, or refund remedy guarantees your Suntech products will remain free from defect in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use, and service conditions.


Not your average solar panel

We extensively test our solar modules to ensure they are a cut above the rest and make the most of the sun. Under identical conditions, Suntech products perform up to 16% better than competitor brands, generating more solar energy from the same sunlight.

Excellent module efficiency

Suntech cell technology converts as much energy as possible from valuable roof space.

PID Resistant

Our module design prevents degradation caused by heat and humidity. We use high-volume resistant EVA to boost PID resistance by limiting sodium ion movement from cell surface to glass.

Super Weak Light Performance

Our products boast consistently high performance, even on cloudy or short winter days. This is all thanks to Suntech’s patented “Edge Insulation Process” technology.

Positive Power Tolerance

Every Suntech module is sorted with a power class category. Positioning modules with the same class together generates a minimum 2% more power.

Tested For Extreme Wind & Snow

We build and test our panels to withstand a minimum wind speed of 162km/h. That’s more than 30 km/h above IEC’s minimum requirement for safety factor 3.

Enhanced Hail Test

Our panels are built with wider cavity frames; this allows them to take the impact of hailstones up to four times their weight at a greater velocity than standard IEC testing.