Suntech awarded 2020 "Top Brand PV" seal in Australia by EuPD Research

Recently, Suntech was awarded the certificate of "Top Brand PV" seal in Australia 2020 by EuPD Research, the consecutively 3rd years’ award since 2018.

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EuPD Research, as a well-reputed 3rd party organization and provider of authoritative market intelligence analysis in the energy sector, has been well acknowledged by the industry for its fairness and justice in evaluating and rating the major photovoltaic brands according to the Global PV Installer Monitor survey in line. Therefore, its analysis has earned important position in the industry and been regarded as a wind vane by energy enterprises for future development. The "Top PV Brand " is evaluated through the following two aspects: (i) Multi-level public opinion poll and scientific analysis among mainstream installers and intermediaries of photovoltaic power stations; (ii) Selection of the manufactures excelling in multiple indicators and dimensions, including brand satisfaction, brand loyalty, product quality, and distribution intensity etc.

Australia is one of the world’s leading solar energy markets and enjoys the best solar resources around the world. Thanks to the brand influence and the professional technical service team in Australia, Suntech has garnered high brand reputation and large client base since the establishment of its branch office in 2007. In 2019, Suntech initiated the leading 15-year product warranty in the industry with the backup of in-depth investigation of meteorological data and historical working performance of its own products in different installation environment in Australia for the past 12 years. On marketing activity, Suntech held its Customer Event and participated in All Energy Australia and Large-Scale Power Plants Forum to share its philosophy of quality control and most up-to-date solar products to the industry. Suntech has also successfully passed the Solar Panel Validation conducted by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER). Except for the utility and residential market, Suntech has been recognized and selected as supplier for Australian ALDI Chain Supermarket Roof Project and IKEA Roof Project, Mojo IPP and other demonstration projects.


Besides Australian market, Suntech has also been rated by EuPD Research as a "Top Brand PV" seal in Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy and other European countries for its widely acceptance and brand recognition in the industry.

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