Suntech wins bid for 30mW solar generation project in China.

Suntech successfully won the bid of 30 MW PV project of China Huaneng Group

Recently, Suntech successfully won the bid of 30MW photovoltaic power generation project submitted by China Huaneng Group.

The project was installed in Shanxi Province. It deploys Suntech’s high efficiency monocrystalline solar module, using the new advanced PERC technology. This technology enables the efficient stereoscopic use of the space, which does not affect the growth of the crops situated at the site, thus significantly improving the utilization of land and solar energy and fostering the symbiosis between agriculture and solar PV.


About China Huaneng Group
China Huaneng Group is committed to building itself into a large enterprise group with international competitiveness. By the end of 2014, the Company had total installed capacity of 151GW, with assets distributed all over China and overseas. The Company is also engaged in sectors of coal, finance, technology R&D, and transportation etc. that support the core business of power. The Company was the first Chinese power producer to join the ranks of Fortune 500 Companies, ranking 224th in 2015.