Suntech enters CNNC supplier list

Suntech successfully entered qualified supplier list of CNNC

Suntech receieved qualified supplier certificate of CNNC from XQCC. It’s understood that XQCC is commissioned by CNNC for its supplier annual assessment. It focused on product quality, technical ability, quality assurance, business ability, after-sales service, finance and other aspects of centralized assessment. Also, it required that the company should be within the scope of the assessment, or it will not be passed. This time, Suntech with comprehensive strength successfully passed the audit in all aspects.
About CNNC
The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is a large State-owned enterprise under direct management by the central government. It successfully built the first nuclear power plant in the Chinese mainland. CNNC has established a complete nuclear technology industry framework. It is a main part of the national nuclear technology industry and a leading element of national strategic nuclear forces and nuclear energy development.