Suntech supplied for Central Bank of Bahrain Rooftop Project

In March 2020, the Central Bank of Bahrain Rooftop Project has been successfully connected to the grid as the first distributed project for Suntech to access to the market of Bahrain. A total of 119 pieces of Suntech's modules were put into the rooftop project. As Suntech's mainstream and conventional products, which feature excellent performance both in circuit optimization and internal loss, these modules with reliable quality can adapt to the local tropical desert climate characterized by scorching heat and high moisture for highly efficient and stable power output. In addition, Suntech also provides relevant technical solutions and installation instructions during the construction.

Suntech Bahrain Project /
Suntech Panels on Central Bank of Brhrain

In 2019, Suntech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company (BCFC), and began to constantly supply products to this market. The new business model in the Bahrain market acts as a powerful driver for its steady development of the Middle East market. By means of the localized cooperation with BCFC, Suntech has signed orders reaching MW levels and deliver modules to project sites one after another. Relying on its vigorous financial strength, BCFC has assisted in the national energy transformation by leveraging the trusted endorsement. 


In future, Suntech will continue to explore the market, promote the "Global & Local" strategy, and consistently provide customers with products that excel in both quality and reliability.