Residential Inverter
Sunways Inverter
Backed by an industry-leading 12-Year Parts & Labour Warranty with an attractive price point, Sunways inverters are the number one choice for those looking for quality, performance and affordability.

Sunways pro web monitoring

The Sunways Web Monitoring Portal provides installers with a single management platform to access Sunways systems with ease. The SunwaysPro monitoring platform allows Service Engineers to remotely configure settings and update firmware without the need to be on-site. This gives total visibility of system performance and fault notifications and gives users the ability to diagnose issues and manage solutions remotely, dramatically reducing service costs.

Sunways home smart device monitoring

Sunways has developed a user-friendly and informative monitoring app for System Owners (SunwaysHome) as well as an app for Installers (SunwaysPro). These apps provide accurate & comprehensive real-time data analysis with system fault alarms and reports, delivered straight to the user – even remotely. This ensures reliable and stable system operation with minimal downtime, giving users peace of mind at all times.

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For System Owner

For Installer & Distributor
Sunways Key Features

Industry Leading 12-Year Parts & Labour Warranty

High-Quality Products, Established in Germany in 1993

Best-in-Class Components for Optimum Performance & Reliability

Local Warranty Support through Suntech Australia Sydney Office